Introduction to ATL
the History of NetWill's Development

Athena Telecom Lab,Inc. was established in 1991 and started research and development of computer aided design for communications networks in 1993.

The expert knowledge and experience of our president, Dr. Kunio Kamimura, has been instrumental in the development of our state-of-the-art communications network software. (See Dr. Kunio Kamimura)

As a result of the development process, we have applied for several patents concerning computer aided design systems for communications networks. The International Searching Authority has already sent us four international search reports with positive evaluation.

NetWill is now available for your use.

ATL's address is as follows.
TEL +81 42 386 6350
FAX +81 42 386 6351
Office 4-29-15 Higashi-cho Koganei-shi Tokyo, 184-0011 JAPAN