ATL's Patent Applications

We have already applied for six patents, and additional applications are anticipated in the near future. Five are for international applications, and the other is for a domestic application. All of our patent applications concern developing models of communications networks. Four of our patent applications have already received an affirmative evaluation after an international search report by the Japanese Patent Office as of June 1, 1996. We are in the process of extending our domestic application to international coverage. There are 94 items in our patent applications which we claim are original. It is not too much to say that NetWill is a treasure house of novel, technical advances.

We hope you will try our soon-to-be-patented NetWill software.

Contents of patent applications for NetWill

  1. Title of patent
    Construction and use of the communication network model
    Contents of patent
    • New methods for storing our communication network model on any computer.
    • New methods for evaluating the quality of service using our communication network model and for analyzing the effects of changing the network.

  2. Title of patent
    The object management method
    Contents of patent
    • New methods for preserving objects and pointers in object-oriented programming.
    • New methods for sharing among several computers our logical communication network model that consists of objects and pointers.

  3. Title of patent
    The window coordination control method
    Contents of patent
    • New methods for exchanging information among each main window.
    • New procedures for treating various specifications that are common to several communication networks.

  4. Title of patent
    The management method of spot and district information
    Contents of patent
    • New methods for detailing information about specific sites and general areas that have been only vaguely described without changing the communication network model.

  5. Title of patent
    Combining communication circuits
    Contents of patent
    • New methods for combining various actual circuits after fixing one circuit that has priority over all others.

  6. Title of patent
    Specifing the communication network design
    Contents of patent
    • New methods for selecting communication devices in the stepwise procedures for communication network design.
    • New methods for designing communication networks without specifying particular communication devices.