Target of NetWill as an OEM

NetWill is a computer aided design system that can model communications networks precisely. Models of each communication network are connected by communication services which are provided by some networks and also used by some other networks.
We can customize NetWill according to your requested specifications such as basic communication schemes, devices, and circuits service.
Therefore, we can provide NetWill to you in various forms. We would like to sell a software license to use NetWill as an OEM. We are certain that NetWill will enhance your business in all of the following cases.

Case 1: If you are a communication equipment retailer.

You can use NetWill when you make an estimate of your customer's communications network structure, quality of service, price and cost.

You can distribute your customized version of NetWill to your customers as your company brand software, and they can use it to consider whether to purchase your equipment.

You can deliver your cutomized version of NetWill to your customers who have decided to purchase your equipment to consider in detail how to use your equipment.

For details about case 1, please click here.

Case 2: If you are a telecommunications carrier.

You can use your customized version of NetWill when you put another company's circuits or new communication media together as your access lines.

You can recustomize NetWill for your use only according to your specifications such as tariffs and related network specifications.

You can use it for marketing and simulation of sales strategy.

You can also give it to your regular customers as your brand software.

Case 3: If you are designing a communications network for your company.

We provide you with NetWill customized to your requested specifications, such as your communication base area, traffic, communication equipment, and original network system.

The word "OEM" means "Original Equipment Manufacturer." We use it in the sense that we customize NetWill according to your specifications so it looks like your own software system.